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Leden Group was formed when Favor AS, Lasercomp and its subsidiary Celermec and Ojala Group merged to form a full-service contract manufacturer. We serve in sheet metal and rail part mechanics, machining and assembly. In addition, we support customers in areas such as production, logistics and product information management. The company also has a steel service center and its own profile production.

We want our customers to experience that comprehensive production services, deep insight into the entire process and our intelligent value-added services make us the most inspiring contract manufacturer in the Baltic Sea.

Our Services

Our Production Services

  • Thin and rail plate mechanics services
  • Machining
  • Configuration

Smart value - added services

  • Product development support
  • Prototyping
  • Technical maintenance
  • Quality assurance
  • Product information management
  • Logistics services such as inventory management

In addition, Leden Group has the largest steel service center in Estonia and its own profile production

Our Subsidiaries
Our subsidiaries

Favor AS

Favor AS is one of the largest metal companies in Estonia specializing in sheet metal processing. The company offers a comprehensive range of services from sheet metal processing, series production and installation.

Production includes stamping, laser cutting, bending, assembly and final finishing.

The company is also a large manufacturer of steel profiles for the construction industry and has the largest steel service center in Estonia.

  • Established in 1990
  • Total production space 16,000 m2
  • 130 employees
  • Net sales EUR 31.2 million (2019)
  • Established in 2001
  • Production space in Nivala about 3,500 m2
  • About 20 employees
  • Net sales EUR 3.5 million
Our subsidiaries

LaserComp Oy

LaserComp manufactures products according to the individual needs of customers. The company has state-of-the-art production machines that guarantee customers competitive prices, high product quality and delivery reliability.

LaserComp was founded in 2001 and specializes in laser and plasma cutting, edging and welding assemblies. The company also offers design and warehousing services to its partners.

Our subsidiaries

Celermec Oy

LaserComp’s subsidiary Celermec Oy focuses on sheet metal mechanics, machining, painting and assemblies. The service covers the entire sector from individual parts to finished entities. Through a long-term cooperation network, the company also offers electrolytic surface treatments and screen printing.

  • Established in 1997
  • Production space in Sievi about 4,600 m2
  • About 50 employees
  • Net sales EUR 5.8 million
  • Established in 1963
  • The total production space in Sievi and Tabasalu in Estonia is about 22,000 m2
  • 300 employees
  • Turnover EUR 30 million
Our subsidiaries

Ojala Group

Ojala Group is a pioneer in contract manufacturing. The company has almost 60 years of experience in demanding customer projects. Customers are equipment and machine manufacturers in various industries.


The new company has a long history of expertise

Leden Group is a fresh group, but its roots go back almost 60 years in 1963. Esa Ojala founded a filter workshop in his home barn. The company, Ojala-Yhtymä, already at that time began to spread its know-how through various types of subcontracting throughout the parish.

In the early 1970s, the company had its first hall in Sievi. Finnish industry was in a state of transition and needed diverse services. Jobs were also needed in small rural municipalities, which made the growth of Ojala a source of joy for the entire region.

The transition phase was also experienced in Estonia in 1990, when Favor AS was founded. The company was one of the first private limited companies in the country – previously private companies were illegal in the country. The company started with roof profiles, which are still part of the range. A decade later, Favor began to grow its contract manufacturing.

In 1997, another contract manufacturer, Celermec, was established next to Sievi Ojala Group, focusing on sheet metal mechanics, machining, painting and assemblies.

A third contract manufacturer was formed in Nivala, Sievi’s neighborhood, when LaserComp, which specializes in laser and plasma cutting, edging and welding assemblies, started operations.

Now, three contract manufacturers operating in Northern Ostrobothnia are united by industrial know-how and customer thinking, which began to grow in the region in the early 1960s. Favor Estonia has followed a similar growth path. Technology has been renewed and the operating environment has changed many times during the trip, but the desire to provide the best for the customer has remained.

In 2015, LaserComp acquired Celermec. At that point, the regional investor Arvo Sijoitusosuuskunta became an owner, playing a significant role as a midwife when Favor, LaserComp, Celermec and Ojala Group merged to form Leden Group in 2021. A new, more international journey has begun.

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Leden Group management


  • Seppo Heikkilä, Chairman
  • Almar Proos, Vice Chairman
  • Teijo Hilden
  • Heikki Jylhä-Ollila
  • Mika Kiljala
  • Jari Pirinen
  • Saku Törmälehto
  • Risto Vahimets

Group management

  • Juha Heikkinen, CEO
  • Jaakko Karjalainen, CFO


  • Favor AS Elari Tiimus
  • LaserComp Saku Törmälehto
  • Celermec Pertti Haataja
  • Ojala Group Juha Heikkinen
  • Ojala Estonia Derek Vaide

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Leden Group Oy
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huoneisto 18
90100 Oulu

President, CEO
Juha Heikkinen
tel. +358 40 188 2376




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