From individual pieces to assemblies and installation

Busbars made from copper sheets and rods

In-house electroplating line boosts process efficiency

Busbars are typically used in the electrical and energy industries to conduct a current between two points. Busbars are usually made from copper because it has the best electrical conductivity. In certain cases, aluminium can also be used as an alternative material.

Leden produces busbars from copper and aluminium with and without surface coatings. Tin, nickel and silver are used as protective coatings. In addition to coating, products can be cut, chamfered, pierced and assembled as required. We can also pre-install busbars in products, make assemblies or, for example, install insulation.

The company has extensive experience in product manufacturing and exceptional sourcing channels to ensure the availability of raw materials. In particular, incorporating our electroplating line into the process enhances efficiency and simplicity for our customers.

Customer Benefits

Extensive range of the best copper materials

Leden uses an extensive range of top-quality copper materials in sheet and rod form. The material is kept in stock for rapid orders and small batches.

Demand for copper is on the rise, and market availability can be challenging. Leden’s long partnerships with suppliers ensure the company can source copper relatively quickly. We use well over a thousand tonnes of copper annually at our factories in Finland.

Leden has a diverse and comprehensive fleet of tools for machining busbars. For example, pieces can be pierced, perforated, bent, chamfered and machined.

The company is one of very few to have an in-house electroplating line in the immediate vicinity of its machining and production facilities for coating pieces in tin or nickel. We also have long plating baths for coating longer pieces, a service which few other companies in the market can offer. In connection with electroplating, we can also affix clamp nuts and paint or line pieces.

If you need assembly and installation in addition to production and plating, we can do it. In this phase, we can also take care of insulation and any other extra services you need.

Leden has around 30 years of experience with copper products. This experience also ensures the availability of raw materials thanks to long-term relationships with suppliers.

Support services can be easily obtained with networks of subcontractors and industry operators in North Ostrobothnia in the immediate vicinity of our factories.

Leden can also provide small production batches of products from copper sheets and rods – contact the company for more information.

Examples of our products

Busbars are typically used for electricity distribution, energy transmission, current supply and current distribution in applications such as switchgear and controlgear.

Examples of tangible end-products include:

  • Frequency converters
  • Battery cabinets
  • Backup power systems
  • Energy storage
  • Data centres
  • Electric motors
  • Generators
  • Busbar trays
  • Busbar bridges
  • Busbar systems