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Leden Group

Leden Group in brief

Leden Group is a full-service contract manufacturer with roots in Finland and Estonia. The Group has four subsidiaries LaserComp, Celermec and Ojala Group in Finland, and Favor AS in Estonia.

Our operations include sheet metal, flatbar and busbar mechanics, machining and assembly. In addition, we support customers in areas such as productization, logistics and product information management. The company also has a steel service centre and its own profile production. The company employs about 500 professionals in five factories and serves over 400 customers.

Comprehensive production services, extensive competence in the entire process, and our smart added-value services make us the most inspiring contract manufacturer in Northern Europe.

  • Celermec, Favor AS, LaserComp and Ojala Group
  • Five factories in Sievi, Nivala and Tallinn
  • 39,000 m2 of production area in total
  • Comprehensive contract manufacturing services
  • Product evaluation support
  • Versatile testing services
  • Procurement, logistics and product information services
  • The largest steel service center in Estonia
  • Blade profiles, fasteners and aluminum ceiling panels under the Profiline brand

Close cooperation creates many benefits

Strengthening the cooperation between the contract manufacturer and the customer supports the customer’s competitiveness. The contract manufacturer can then participate in planning, develop individual manufacturing solutions, and invent intelligent operating models at an earlier stage.

Leden Group was created in spring 2021, when four contract manufacturers merged. Each company had a long history, and therefore considerable expertise. It was clear to us that, by combining this diverse expertise, we can serve our customers more comprehensively.

Leden Group provides contract manufacturing in the metal industry, from design to delivery and product information management. This enhances our customers’ operations and creates increasingly intelligent solutions.

We have customers in the technology industry, mechanical engineering, and the pharmaceutical industry, for example.

The benefits of smart contract manufacturing are clear. Customers want higher quality, lower costs, faster market access and improved scalability of production. At best the customer achieves all these, at the same time.

Naturally, we continue to manufacture individual components according to the customers´ specifications. This is the core of contract manufacturing. However, the highest added value will be in our ability to offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions. By doing that, we make life easier for our customers, which is our mission.

Juha Heikkinen
Leden Group

Leden Group management


  • Seppo Heikkilä, Chairman
  • Almar Proos, Vice Chairman
  • Teijo Hilden
  • Heikki Jylhä-Ollila
  • Mika Kiljala
  • Jari Pirinen
  • Saku Törmälehto
  • Risto Vahimets

Group management

  • Juha Heikkinen, CEO
  • Jaakko Karjalainen, CFO


  • Favor AS Elari Tiimus
  • LaserComp Saku Törmälehto
  • Celermec Pertti Haataja
  • Ojala Group Marko Niskanen

Profitable growth in 2021

Rapid growth in the first year of activity

  • Leden Group grew strongly and profitably in its first year of activity despite the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the global economy.
  • The Group took up its activities on 1 April 2021. During the official financial period, the Group’s turnover grew by 44.1 per cent from the previous year’s comparable period. The pro forma turnover for 2021 was EUR 86 million (+30.9%).
  • The pro forma net profit for 2021 was EUR 8.4 million (+90.1%)
  • The rapid growth can partly be explained by the fact that customers put greater emphasis on the reliability and accuracy of deliveries when there were interruptions in global supply chains. Leden Group also received plenty of one-stop service orders. This was supported by the general trend in contract manufacturing – customers sought high quality and speed by acquiring comprehensive solutions instead of individual components.
  • By the end of the year, the Group employed 489 persons (+6%). The Group brought about synergy gains that made increasing production possible without making significant human resources investments.
  • The company is determined to continue its steady growth. Leden Group is strongly involved in the current consolidation development in the industry.