Our Factories

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Comprehensive services

Leden is a group with long customer relationships. Our factories offer comprehensive contract manufacturing services from design evaluation to supply management.

The company’s largest customers are industrial devices providers and machine builders and in the medical and maritime industries.

Many of our customer relationships span over 30 years. Several of our customers are global companies that have audited our processes and management systems.

Our manufacturing services include sheet metal fabrication, the manufacture of busbars and flat bars, machining and turning with versatile installation services that include electronics and testing.

In addition to parts manufacturing our offering includes welding and mechanical assemblies involving electrical installations and testing.

We use automated and semi-automated manufacturing where applicable.

Our factories

Leden Finland, new factory, Oulainen

The plant will become a modern contract manufacturing center with the latest sheet metal technology in the field. The production equipment will be significantly modernized. Automation, efficiency and operational reliability have been emphasized in the design of the plant. Overall, Leden’s future plant in Oulainen will support the company’s growth and improve customer service.

Our factories

Leden Finland Oy, Eletie factory

Eletie factory, formerly known as Celermec, focuses on machining and turning as well as on sheet metal fabrication. When sensitive electronic parts are integrated, Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA) provides suitable assembly area. We also weld steel and aluminum and offer paint shop services.

Our factories

Leden Finland Oy Sievi, Teollisuustie

Teollisuustie factory, formerly known as Ojala Group, provides assembly and system integration services for customers with complex manufacturing needs.

Turnkey box build services can include mechanics, differenct devices, electronics boards, cabling and testing.

Sheet metal fabrication and  busbar and flat bar manufacturing are a strong foundation of business. We provide busbars made from the highest quality of copper and flat bars of aluminum and steel.

Our factories

Leden Finland Oy Nivala, Hopeatie

Hopeatie factory, formerly known as LaserComp Oy, specializes in high-quality automated laser cutting and welding assemblies.

In Hopeatie, wide assortment of materials are used, from steel to aluminum. Including wear-resistant steels. We cut steel and stainless steel of a thickness up to 25 mm.

Our factories

Leden Estonia AS Tallinn

Leden Estonia, formerly Favor, is committed to converting companies’ product ideas into working solutions and delivering them to end users. Leden Estonia covers the whole value chain from product design and sourcing to serial production and logistics. For us it does not matter if you are from the field of HVAC, machine building, medtech or power distribution – we have the expertise you need.

Leden Estonia is also the owner of  the “Profiline” brand which is the biggest producer of drywall profiles in the region.