Privacy Policy

Privacy statement, valid as of 1 January 2021

Visiting and using Leden Group Oy’s online service

Privacy protection

We are committed to protecting the privacy of our website’s users in accordance with valid privacy legislation and best privacy protection practices.

This privacy statement explains how your personal data are processed when you visit Leden Group Oy’s website. Please note that the individual services mentioned in this statement may also have supplementary and/or parallel privacy statements.

Purpose of collecting personal data

We use the data collected on the use of our website to improve user experience and compile statistics on website users.

Legal grounds for processing personal data

We process personal data on the basis of the consent given by a user in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation or our legitimate interest.

Consent is the legal basis for our website’s cookie policy, for example. We process your personal data based on our legitimate interest to, for example, process customer feedback.

Personal data and data sources

We assess the quality of our website and conduct user surveys and studies from time to time. We process the collected research and survey data as statistical entities. Individual respondents cannot be identified from this data. In any case, participation in our studies and surveys is always optional, and you will be informed separately of how your personal data will be processed in connection with the study or survey in question.

Data collected on website use

Our website is available to everyone. Visiting the website does not require registration.

Our website uses cookies to collect analysis and statistical data on the use of the website. We use this data to improve the website user experience. We also use cookies to compile statistics on website traffic. Read our cookie policy to learn more about cookies.

Third Party Processors

Our carefully selected partners and service providers may process personal information about you on our behalf as described below:

“Digital Marketing Service Providers

We periodically appoint digital marketing agents to conduct marketing activity on our behalf, such activity may result in the compliant processing of personal information.  Our appointed data processors include:

(i)Prospect Global Ltd (trading as Sopro) Reg. UK Co. 09648733. You can contact Sopro and view their privacy policy here:  Sopro are registered with the ICO Reg: ZA346877 their Data Protection Officer can be emailed at:

Your personal data may be disclosed to authorities as laid down by mandatory law, at the request of competent authorities and under conditions prescribed by law.

Data controller

The data controller of your personal data is Leden Group Oy, Kauppurienkatu 11 B 1, 90100 Oulu.

Processing of personal data

At Leden Group Oy, your personal data are only processed by persons who need it to perform their duties.

Only persons who have an obligatory work-related need and right to process your personal data are authorised to access systems and databases containing personal data.

We have taken appropriate physical, technological and administrative measures to protect your personal data. Our privacy protection and data security measures are implemented by persons specifically appointed to do it.

We may use subcontractors to handle the technical maintenance and development of our website, customer service, management and analysis of user data, customer surveys or communications. Our subcontractors are not allowed to use your personal data for purposes other than those specified in this privacy statement. We oblige our subcontractors to process personal data confidentially and implement adequate protective measures to protect the personal data they process.

Geographical location of processing personal data

We process personal data only in the EU or EEA and use operators and services operating in countries located in the EU or EEA.

Data retention period

Your personal data will be stored pursuant to valid law and only for as long as necessary for the purposes specified in this privacy statement.

Rights of the data subject

The data subject may request information on the processing of their personal data and check which data pertaining to them have been processed. The data subject may also request the data controller to rectify inaccurate data or restrict the processing of their data. The data subject may also request their data to be erased or withdraw their consent to data processing.

Please send your request for information or requests concerning the rights of the data subject at:

We will only disclose data to persons seeking information whose identity can be verified reliably.

Data Protection Officer’s contact details

If you have any questions that do not concern the rights of the data subject, please contact:

Hannu Hosio, +358 50 361 7026,

Cookie policy, valid as of 1 January 2021

Our website uses cookies

Our website uses cookies. Cookies are text files with small pieces of data which the browser stores on the service user’s device. Cookies are stored on the user’s terminal device with the website accessed by the user. Only the server that sent a cookie may read and use the cookie later. Cookies and other technologies do not damage the user’s terminal device or files, and cookies cannot be used to access software or spread malware. The user cannot be identified from their cookies.

Learn more about cookies and Finland’s cookie policy on the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency’s website at

Decide whether you want to accept cookies

Our website will use cookies and store them on your terminal device only if you consent to it by selecting “Accept”.

If you do not consent to using cookies, do not select “Accept”. Rejecting cookies may have a negative impact on some website functions.

Cookies and their purpose

We use the following cookies on our website.

Google Universal Analytics’ cookies record and update user traffic on individual pages on the website.

Social media expansions

Our website may include links and connections to third-party websites as well as so-called social expansions (e.g. Instagram or Facebook). Plugins maintained by third parties are downloaded from their respective servers, and third-party applications are subject to the third parties’ own terms and conditions. These service providers process data as data controllers and, where appropriate, joint controllers with Leden Group Oy.

Social media service providers store data of the user’s visit to the website through the plugin. Some social media plugins disclose individual users’ data only when the user is active on the website. For example, when the user shares an article through a social media plugin.

You can learn more about social networking sites’ privacy policies on the respective service providers’ own websites.