Our Strategy

Leden Group

Making life easier for our customers

Leden Group’s mission is to make life easier for its customers. This mission is the basis of our strategy. By putting our customer-oriented mission into practice, we achieve success for both our customers and ourselves.

Making life easier means doing more for the customer. We offer end-to-end solutions as well as component manufacturing. However, sometimes it is the manufacturing of just one component that makes everything easier for the customer.

Higher efficiency
When a customer gets the solution from a single source, it saves time.
Deeper customer understanding of the contract manufacturer
When the contract manufacturer produces end-to-end solutions, it comes closer to the customer’s life and gains a better understanding of the customer’s needs.
Smarter solutions
When the contract manufacturer is aware of a customer’s needs, it can proactively offer increasingly smart services. This can mean, for example, more cost-effective manufacturing methods or faster logistical choices.
Leden Group

For the benefit of our customers

Our organization is focused on implementing our new strategy. Leden Group came into being in spring 2021 as a result of combining four companies. The goal was to strengthen our ability to provide customers with a wide range of services from a single source.

A successful comprehensive service requires structures that work smoothly, competent staff and a customer-oriented culture. We have organized our operation so that it serves customers as well as possible.

Our vision is to be a preferred partner.

For this purpose, we offer professional and reliable complete solutions according to the needs of our customers.

Our mission is to improve our customers’ lives

We improve and make our customers’ lives easier by taking care of production, manufacturing data, purchases, logistics, and warehousing.

Leden Group

A strong presence in Northern Europe

Leden Group is located in Northern Europe and has customers across Europe. Our competitiveness is enhanced by the fact that Leden Group came into being as a Finnish-Estonian merger. The company has therefore had a strong customer base in Europe since the very beginning.

We have significant production facilities on both sides of the Gulf of Finland. This means we can organize our production according to the customer’s needs in the best way possible.

Our values


Our passion is to cooperate with all stakeholders


We give our best in everything we do


We are fair to our colleagues, customers and our partners


We comply with environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles

A long tradition of expertise

Leden Group was established in 2021, but its roots go back almost 60 years, to 1963. Esa Ojala set up a filter workshop in his barn at home. Even at the early stage, the company, Ojala-Yhtymä, began to spread its know-how by subcontracting in various ways around the parish.

In the early 1970s, the company acquired its first premises in Sievi. The Finnish industry was in a state of transition and needed diverse services. There was also a need for employment in small rural municipalities, which meant that Ojala`s growth was positive for the entire region.

Changes in world trade support our growth

Return of manufacturing to the West. Consulting company AT Kearny estimates that the pandemic and ongoing trade wars will accelerate the return of production from Asia. This trend is also supported by the Chinese Ministry of Labour’s estimation that the manufacturing industry will face challenges finding a workforce.

Stricter sustainability requirements. Sustainability has become one of the top priorities of customers, financiers, and authorities. It is increasingly important that the manufacturing industry monitor the sustainability of entire supply chains.

Contract manufacturer Leden Group observes Nordic labour and environmental standards and is a partner whose sustainability and responsibility principles customers can trust. We also guarantee that our production chain is fully traceable.