The merger of the Finnish companies Leden Group Oy

Notice 22nd May, 2023

The Finnish subsidiaries of Leden Group Oy Ojala-Yhtymä Oy, LaserComp Oy and Celermec Oy will merge as of June 1st 2023.

In the merger, LaserComp Oy:s Business ID 1637939-3 and Celermec Oy:s Business ID 1104588-8 cease to exist. Ojala-Yhtymä Oy:s Business ID 2049995-3 remains in effect.

In the same context, the name of Ojala-Yhtymä Oy changes. As of June 1st, 2023 the new name of the combined companies is Leden Finland Oy and business ID 2049995-3.

The companies’ existing bank accounts remain the same, the name of the company and Business ID changes. Lasercomp Oy:s and Celermec Oy:s e-invoicing addresses will change as follows:

LaserComp Oy00372049995340003716379393
Celermec Oy00372049995330003711045888

Ojala Yhtymä Oy:s e-invoicing address remains the same.

There will also be no changes to the companies’ locations at this stage, i.e. postal addresses will remain as they are now.

We hope that you will consider the changes to your systems taking into account the schedule of June 1st 2023, so that the matter can be handled smoothly.

Thank you for the cooperation!

Further information of the merger:

Jaakko Karjalainen
Interim CEO/CFO
Leden Group Oy
+358 40 546 7278

Further information of the e-invoicing:

Tanja Törmälehto
Financial Controller
LaserComp Oy
+358 44 285 7236

Heli Himanka
Business Controller
Celermec Oy
+358 45 675 1945

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