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We at the Leden Group want to make life easier for our customers. That is what we work for every day. The smarter the solutions, the smoother our customers operations. To carry out that mission we need a variety of professionals: people who consider what is best for each and every customer. Leden Group personnel work together, are trustworthy, and respect those around them. If you share the same values, come and talk with us.

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Leden Group

Leden Group is a full-service contract manufacturer with roots in Finland and Estonia. The Group has four factories. Three factories of Leden Finland in Finland, and Leden Estonia AS factory in Estonia.

We are an inspiring employer for many reasons.

Diverse opportunitites

“We are an inspiring employer.”

“Become an expert in the contract manufacturing process.”

Work with us

We offer wide-ranging opportunities for development

In addition to comprehensive production services, we provide our customers with planning, supply services and product information management. At Leden Group, an employee who is interested in the field can become an expert in the entire contract manufacturing process. Each customer is also an opportunity for professional development, as we provide tailor-made solutions.

Growth company
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Join our growth story

Leden Group was created when four traditional companies merged in spring 2021. Right from the start, the goal of the merger has been to create a growth company offering comprehensive services. The growth achieved through the merger has continued to be organic. The owners’ clear objective is to boost growth so that the company becomes the most important operator in the industry in Europe. Our customers operating globally lead us to believe that we will achieve this goal.

Solutions of tomorrow

“Let’s grow together.”

“Committed people, company culture and  state-of-the-art technology are core of our customers´ success .”

Work with us

We support growth with tomorrow´s solutions

We know that growth requires strong investment in people, culture and technology. In line with our strategy, we invest in what helps our personnel to enjoy themselves. We support competence development, an open culture and modern technology.

If you are interested in playing a part in our growth, please contact us.

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Where to find us

In Finland, our factories are located at the heart of a concentration of the metal industry in Sievi and Nivala.  There are three vocational schools nearby. We are also within reach of two universities. The Oulu and Kajaani airports are not too far away.

In Estonia, our factories are located in the capital, Tallinn, and the neighbouring Tabasalu.

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“Come and work at our factories in Finland and Estonia.”